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Take full advantage of your benefits.

As soon as you have a "big boy/big girl job", it will come with a benefits package that you should take understand make full use of.

Retirement account options

Retirement accounts are the main benefit people care about when evaluating their benefits package.

Take the match

If your company offers a $1 for $1 match on contributions up to a certain percent, investing into that is a guaranteed 100% return on your capital.

Check expense ratios

Many of the investment funds avialable are mutual funds or index funds, which can vary widely in expense ratios. Choose funds where the expense ratio is less than 10 basis points.


Basis points refer to hundredths of a percent. For example, 5 basis points would equal a .05% expense ratio.

Understand your benefits package

Read through your benefits package in its entirety at least once.

Increase your Savings Rate