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Career Considerations

Takes up half your waking hours during the best decades of your life.


Your career is one of the most important things in your life. It takes up half of your waking hours (at least) during the best decades of your life. Getting your career wrong has a huge impact on your quality of life and overall well being.


There are multiple factors to consider when evaluating your career or job. Including, but not limited to:

The Company

  • Do you like/respect the company you work for?
  • Do you use the company's product? (not required)
  • Does the company have a promising future?
  • Do you want to make this company significant capital?


  • Do coworkers elevate or deflate your ambition level?
  • Do you actually enjoy spending time with them?


  • How hard do you want to work? (You are not alone if the answer is not that much.)
  • Can this be the last job I ever have?
  • Can you live The Deep Life with this job?


  • Is the compensation enough to progress towards FI in an acceptable time frame?
  • Can your current skillset earn more money on the open market?


  • Are you willing to live where the job requires?
  • Do you need hybrid or remote work?
  • Are the stress levels within your stress tolerance?
  • Can you be a #1 on the Power Law employee at this company? Do you even want to be a #1 on the Power Law employee at this company?



  • What does your gut tell you?

"Is the money worth the time?"

Many people only think of their Salary as a number on paper, it is not. Salary is:

Salary = (# of hours spent) X (energy expended)

If your job sucks, and you hate every day of your life, that is a very expensive job. Remember, time is the only thing you can never buy more of.

Runway is vital

Runway gives you time to pivot; the more Runway you have, the longer you can hold out for finding a job title you want at a company you respect.

The Occopational Outlook Handbook

The Occoputaional Outlook Handbook from the Bureau of Labor Statistics is a valuable tool for researching different job titles.

Identify 5+ job titles from the handbook that:

  • you would be interested in a potential pivot to.
  • involves skills you can and want to become world class at.
  • results in a Salary increase. (optional)

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