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You should be scared of automation.

Automation is coming

By 2025, "we estimate that knowledge work automation tools and systems could take on tasks that would be equal to the output of 110 million to 140 million full-time workers".

The Vanishing American Adult, Ben Sasse

Who are startups hiring?

Check out listings at Work at a Startup from Y Combinator.

Startups are the companies that will provide all of the jobs moving forward, so it's a good idea to build skills that will make you useful to them.

Every position should be incrementally additive

Every job should be incrementally additive to your Human Capital. You don't need to get the first job right, just the last job. Every position should be an upgrade to your skillset, paycheck, and work-life balance.

Become irreplaceable

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Deep Work

Deep Work is a state of professional activity when you are concentrating without distracting on a cognitively demanding task. These activities enhance skill, greatly increase the quality and quantity of production, and are hard to replicate. It is the most valuable professional skill of the 21st century.

Supply and demand

Deep Work is becoming increasingly valuable at the same time it's becoming increasingly rare. This is a classic supply and demand problem, the few who cultivate their Deep Work ability will thrive in our economy moving forward. The ones who don't will get left behind.

Deep Work book

Deep Work guide

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