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Job Search

Prepare for 99% rejections.

Waiting for that one employer to respond.

Sending applications en masse

Sending out applications en masse is simply a numbers game. You will likely need to send over one hundred applications to receive maybe 2 interviews. Of those 2 interviews, you might have a 1 in 10 chance of actually receiving an offer.

Set realistic expectations

Shortly after applying for jobs your email inbox will look like:

  • "Thank you for your consideration, however..."
  • "We regret to inform you that..."
  • "We deeply appreciate your interest in applying, unfortunately..."

It's just deflating. Prepare in advance to make the emotional toll more manageable.


Job hunting is a sprint, not a marathon

Bunch these interviews into as tight a window as possible.

Take every interview offered

Take as many interviews as you can get, even if you have no intention of joining the company. Each experience will teach you something, and give you an opportunity to practice selling yourself.

Research the company beforehand

Read the Glassdoor and [Indeed](https://www. reviews for each company you interview with. Assume the way previous employees have been treated is the way current employees are being treated.

Interview preparation

Some tips:

  • Show up on time. (obviously)
  • Dress slightly better than your interviewers.
  • Research the company beforehand.
    • What they sell, names of founders, etc.
  • Have answers for common interview questions.
    • Create a Google Doc of prewritten answers.
  • Bring 3 quality questions to ask the interviewers.
  • Drive to the office before to scope out the parking situation.


Once you have one offer letter in hand, you can use that as leverage to make the company you are interviewing with move faster or offer you more money.

Standard advice is to wait until you have at least 3 offers before accepting one.

Accepting an offer

You can never accept a job offer knowing with 100% certainty it will work out. However if you have done your homework on the company and the role, go with your gut and accept the offer.

The best way to have your application considered is to have a personal recommendation from someone with the power to make decisions. Relationship networking is much more effective than traditional networking.

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