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Travel Hacking

Using credit card points to travel for free.

Travel Hacking is the process of tactfully acquiring credit card points and miles to travel for free (or exceptionally low cost).

You should never use credit cards irresponsibly to collect points, but if you take advantage of rewards programs while doing the spending you were going to do regardless, is an easy way to increase the efficiency of your dollars.

Spend more to earn more


Travel Hacking is a REWARD for efficient spending. Never spend irresponsibly just to stockpile rewards!

Best credit cards for Travel Hacking

Money Under 30 has a great tool for comparing the best credit cards for travel rewards.

Nerdwallet is another trusted resource, as well as Credit Karma.

Tracking rewards points

Award Wallet compiles all of your rewards into one screen, it also lets you know when your points are about to expire, which is good to make sure you don't lose anything by mistake! Use the desktop version of AwardWallet if possible, their iPhone app is infuriating.

Increase your Savings Rate