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We are building a software alternative to financial advisors.

This website is the Optimum Personal Finance Handbook.

The Optimum Personal Finance Handbook

The Optimum Personal Finance Handbook is meant to serve as a single source of truth for the best personal finance information available online, published using Docusaurus.

Why is a Handbook necessary?

Financial Independence (FIRE) educational content is currently being produced as:

  • long form articles
  • 1+ hour long podcast episodes

The problem is, each medium requires significant time & attention span commitments from users, which is suboptimal for mass adoption (especially among younger users). As a solution to this, all SR50 educational material is published via this Handbook. The Handbook first approach makes self education faster and easier since everything is contained within a single website, and can easily be searched.

In summary, this approach to publishing educational material can reduce the time necessary to learn Optimum Personal Finance from ~100 hours down to ~1 to 3 hours.

Covered topics

Increase your Savings Rate