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Proposed Solution

Optimum Personal Finance works like this:

1) Increase your Savings Rate to the highest percentage that is sustainable over time.

2) Invest only in things that increase in purchasing power.

3) Acquire assets that return Passive Cash Flow until the Financial Freedom Equation is satisfied.

Solve the Financial Freedom Equation as fast as possible

We will consider / incorporate any proposed strategy or tactic that will allow users to satisfy the Financial Freedom Equation in a shorter time frame, and document accordingly.

Target demographic

Though Optimum Personal Finance can help advance anyone's current financial position, we are primarily targeting the Gen-Z demographic, for multiple reasons:

  • This demographic is usually ignored by established financial advisors.
  • This demographic has the most potential upside, due to incremental advantages compounding for longer.
  • This demographic includes the founder.

Use multiple tools to cover more surface area

The world's best financial advisor platform should incorporate multiple tools to educate/engage users. Including but not limited to:


GitHub commits

Leverage the active FI Community

The FI Community has produced a mountain of educational content that we incorporate: (with credit)

Movement name
Community name

"FI community"

  • pronunciation: "FI" like "eye"

Increase your Savings Rate